Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fairytale Feat. Poly60: Perseverance

Finally the day that I had been training hard for has arrived! It's D-day for Poly60! Went to school with extreme excitedness, didn't know why though..
However, things turned to a change when it suddenly rained at around 11am. I was definitely hoping that the rain would stop before our actual run commences. It did, however, stop at around 2.15PM. Luckily, with this, the race didn't have to be cancelled. For what I heard was that, once the race was cancelled, it wouldn't be postponed already.
So of course how could we let this situation happen when we trained so hard for it, right? So I began to worried that the rain might unfortunately return again.
So after waiting for quite awhile, the race finally kicked off! First round was to be completed by female runners. I had previously briefed my team members about the requirements, and kept on reminding them that the main motive of this run is to complete and not to compete. When the runners came back, a lot of them fell them cause' the floor was very slippery due to the rain that happened not long ago.
So of course, safety comes first for me! I slowed down when it comes to turning points. As this is the second year I am running, I had more experience than my team members, which is why I kept on reminding them about safety. Along the way, I saw my teachers, who in turn cheered me on when they stop for awhile to watch me run! I, too, saw my primary school friend who also cheered me on while I was running.
Sadly, halfway thru the run, it started pouring heavily again! Everybody was drenched deeply to skin and I wasn't an exception as well. I wanted to give up at first as I was afraid that I might hurt myself in one way or another. But however, I thought that I couldn't leave my teammates behind, and that's what spurred me on. So of course, I ran in the rain~~
Finally, with firm perseverance and encouragement, my team completed the 60 rounds. Thumbs up to everyone!
Throughout this run, I learned a lot of things from my teammates and also from other groups. Though we might not know each other from other teams, they would still encourage us to move on.
Finally got my photo!
Cousins reunite!
My group photo!

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