Friday, July 11, 2014

Fairytale Feat. Age, being just a number

Today I am finally able to find the time to update my blog after so long.
So I guess I am going to blog more about my birthday and yes, I had turned 19 years old this year. I don't find myself old at all cause' I believe that age is just a number and that no matter how old you are, as long as you are happy, you will be young at heart regardless of all ages.
My first birthday celebration was held on 30/6/2014. It was an advance birthday celebration for me. The cake was very nice. :p
Second birthday celebration was held on 1/7/2014 with my secondary school classmates a.k.a outing gang. This is my clique where I had became close to them since secondary 3, a bunch of people who would brave through the tides of GCE N and O Levels together.
Third birthday celebration was celebrated with loads of love on 6/7/2014 by my family. Went to Tony Romas@Suntec City to have our dinner.
Blow candle and make a wish~~
My pretty cake~~ Hehe!
Baby ribs(1st Picture), Fish Fillet(2nd Picture), Half Chicken(3rd Picture) and lastly, Onion Loaf :p
Spending time with my loved ones makes me very happy and very refreshed. Happened to browsed through my photo albums just now. Memories starts oozing into my mind and suddenly I felt very thankful for my family who had showed me unconditional love throughout my 19 years of life. <3
Fourth birthday celebration was a surprise given to me by my fellow classmates on 7/7/2014. Really love the nice cupcakes that were bought!
And lastly, the last and most impromptu celebration was given to me on 8/7/2014.
All in all, I had 5 birthday celebrations. I am really thankful for all the celebrations given to me and I appreciate all the birthday wishes and gifts a lot.

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