Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fairytale Feat. Defining Love

Love, to me, is a great feeling of having two lovebirds being closely together with each other. The kind of feeling when you are close(in terms of physical contact)to your loved ones makes it feel very warm and secured.
For me, I don't like to take love as a joking matter. When I say I like someone, I truly mean it. I don't hope people treat me as jokingly passing a random remark or anything else. Blame me for being sensitive, but Cancers are like that. Being born with this horoscope, I definitely hate myself for being overly-sensitive. But well, that means we care, don't we? Cancer is a very weird horoscope that is very sensitive to things around us. Cancers like to overthink and complicate matters, when it can be just as simple as ABC. Cancer care a lot for people they love and will go even the extra mile just to do things for them. I don't know about others, but for me, I would get very sticky to my loved ones. So sticky that I might be a nuisance to them, sometimes though.
I also don't often carry the words "I miss you" along with me. But if I do, I truly meant it! It's not being said out of boredom or what so ever.
If people were to ask me what I want in a relationship, I would say it's simplicity that I want. It's not the material wealth I am chasing after. It's not about the posh family background I am asking for. All I need is the one and only to be with me, stay with me whether I need you or not. I don't need expensive clothes or branded goods. All I ask for is just to go to the beach and watch the sunset and sunrise together. I extremely love beach and parks. Perhaps I am attracted to the greeneries around the vicinity and enjoying birds flying past you under the scorching sun, which makes everything even more perfect. Don't you think being able to enjoy a simple meal with your loved ones makes life more blissful? This is also why I don't like other people or stuff to occupy my time when I am spending quality time with my loved ones. But it always isn't this desired outcome, I don't know why....
Happiness is free of charge, but that doesn't mean it can be taken for granted. Once it's over, it's over! But I definitely want to enjoy the beautiful moments and appreciate them with my loved ones.
Material wealth, though important, still doesn't win over the presence of your loved ones and no wealthy people could buy happiness with money. It's the little thoughts that they complete that makes you happy.
Don't ask me why I am writing this topic today, cause' I myself don't even know why. But I just wish to express myself with my thoughts, cause' almost is never enough.

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