Monday, July 28, 2014

Fairytale Feat. Seagull Spirit: Advance Together

Basically, I went to train for Poly60 with my religious friends this weekend. Started training since 9.30AM. Poly60 is an annual relay running event organize by Singapore Polytechnic. Last year it's called Poly50 so each team of ten members have to run 50 rounds. This year, however, we are running 60 rounds because SP is 60 years old!
Last year, my team is originally ten members and each members were supposingly running 5 rounds. But because one of my team member couldn't make it, I ran 9 rounds as to substitute my absent team member. The rest of my members were so tired that they couldn't substitute for the absent one, so I ran on behalf of them. Though I was tired too as I ran equal number of rounds as them, but in order not to disqualified the whole team, I continue running with my tired limbs and body. It's after all perseverance we are speaking about when it comes to team spirit and relay events. Isn't it?
Being in the training committee for my religious group, we have to plan for what activities to include during the training sessions. Needless to say, warm up and cool down were part of the necessaries. Normally, I would lead the people in warm ups and cool downs. But yesterday, I led in doing the static training. Static training includes: 25 squats,15 burpees and flutter kicks for 20 counts of 4!
The main training includes the run for 20 seconds and slow jog for 40 seconds and we would do it for 8 minutes consecutively and 2 sets of it. It was already very draining cause' it was quite tiring, but having to lead the people for static training and doing at the same time is even more tough. I have to ensure people are still able to catch up with their breaths and at the same time do and count for them. That itself is a great breakthrough for me.
After that, we came out with a skit and I danced in front of them some basic steps of cha cha. Dancing in front of them was the first time and there were so many people. This further adds on to my achievements. No matter how small a step you have moved, you still advanced. And also I learn something from these people : doing the right thing though it seems abnormal. It's like the social norms in the world. If you think it's wrong but people are still doing it, you yourself shouldn't do cause' it's wrong. Not following the social norms is abnormal, but if it is right then you should believe in yourself. I always do pick up some learning points from this people, and I would continue to do so.
So today when I woke up, I couldn't get up and out of bed. I felt aches on my arms and legs, due to the intense exercises we did the previous day. I felt like a mummy when I was walking cause' I can't walk too fast if not my limbs would ache even more. However, this pain is a short term one. Sacrificing a short while for a long term benefit is definitely sacrifice worthy.

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