Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fairytale Feat. Ferocious Beast

Today is a very ruining day for me. I was supposed to be happy cause' I would be collecting two awards: One is chairman award and the other is Director Honours Roll. Both of them are equally important to me but I just missed my chance to register.
Ok, so here's what happened.....
I received an email around 2 weeks ago to tell me that I was entitled for the 2 above mentioned awards. Of course, I was very happy since it's an achievement for me in Poly. The details only told us to register from 1PM onwards and the event would start at 3.15PM.
The thing is that I have library duties from 1-3PM today and I planned to leave early from duty to register for the event. So apparently, I was released early at 2.30PM. I quickly dashed to the toilet and changed over to formal wear and dashed over to the event counter to register. However, I was actually denied entry!!! The time is just 2.45PM when I had reached the counter. The person in-charge was still holding the registration name list but SHE ACTUALLY TOLD ME THAT THE COUNTER WAS CLOSED??!! At that moment, I was like please tell me this is a dream. I had never felt this way before.
Of course, I was so upset at this incident because they never state clearly what time the registration counter will be closed and what's worse was that the registration name list was still on her hand. If the table is cleared and she tell me: "Sorry, counter close already!", then I wouldn't be as mad. What's more is that me and my poor friend have to change quickly and dashed here straight after! After they told us that we cannot enter, we had no choice but to change back to normal clothes.
Luckily, they say we could still go to the office to collect our awards. But seriously, Singapore Polytechnic's systems are really screwed up sometimes.

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