Monday, August 4, 2014

Fairytale Feat Sweet Rendezvous

What's better than meeting your loved ones, after a long and hectic day at school, right? Met my Mummy for dinner. XOXO... Since she doesn't have to work today, of course I would take this time out to bond with her. People may say that what's the need of having to bond with someone you had been living with everyday. Well, I would like to say that we can't take simple happiness for granted. Waking up to a brand new day, knowing that your loved ones are still healthy, makes the best out of your whole day and starts the day right. It's because we had been living with them and facing them everyday, that we need to appreciate what they had done for us. Though sometimes they do complain about frustrations, it's definitely normal. I mean who wouldn't complain when they are vex, right?
So brought her out for dinner after that. I told her to decide on the venue and I shall foot the bill. After walking around Bedok Mall, she decided to dine at Ramen Play. When dining with elderlies, we have to be careful of the things they intake. Food that are not suitable for their ages like that shouldn't be dine too often. Hence, I have to let her choose food that would suit herself, and of course I am perfectly fine with it.
After dining, we shopped around. Though I am a guy, I still have to admit that I love shopping. Regardless of window shopping or shopping with an aim, both works for me. She told me her shoe peeled off at the back, so I brought her around the mall to find her a pair of shoes. In the end, we bought both cause' she simply likes both :p
At first, I wanted to buy her those shoes. But she told me not to, cause' due to some superstitions. Here goes the conversation(Broken English):
Me: Mummy, you like arh? I buy for you lah!
Mummy: Cannot lah! Cannot buy shoe for people one lah!
Me: Nevermind lah! You are my mummy! You won't possibly run away one lah.
Mummy: Who says?
Me: Aiya! If you want run, you would have done it long ago.
HAHAHAHA. Totally can LOL!! She is damn cute, but sometimes she is really getting on my nerves. This is how family is supposed to be. There are bound to be disagreements and arguments. But at the end of the day, we know deeply inside our hearts, that we love each other VERY VERY MUCH!
After shopping for shoes, I brought her to some accessories shop cause' I told her I shopped alone the other time and found some suitable accessories that she may like it. She really does like it. Again, I offer to buy for her and told her not to look at the price cause' I really don't mind pampering her. Recalling in the past, our family financial status isn't that well-off. However, we still managed to pull it off till now. I remembered deeply those poor days that we had been through. It's really not easy for my parents. That is why I think I should reward and pamper them whenever I could. Last month, I bought her the Bio Essence 24K Gold Serum that can whiten her skin tone. Though it cost me $70, I really don't mind as long as she like it and that she is happy. I also bought my parents a blender that cost $100. Haha. Truthfully, it's not that I am rich cause' without them, there wouldn't be me. Trust me! We should all appreciate our parents. Do appreciate your siblings as well, cause' you always would have something to pick up from them, no matter how small it is. I dare to admit that I love my parents and my brother and future sis-in-law! OOPPPSSSSS!!!! *Blushes immediately*
After shopping for shoes, guess what we shopped for? Haha it's cosmetics! I don't mind entering a cosmetic shop with her cause' she needs me to be her magnifying glasses. Seeing how my mummy adores the cosmetics so much, I decided to sneakily approach the cashier. BUT SHE CAUGHT ME, AGAINNNNN!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! :( Nevermind, next time I shall buy for her when she is not with me!
So after that, me and mummy went to order cake for my dad. We actually customized it so that it will be special and not a can-be-bought-off-rack kind of cake. I ask mummy to choose the design and I pay for it, cause' she would know her husband the best. #teehee
Ended the day with extreme satisfaction, all thanks to ma' mummy! Yay! Till the next time! Ciaos.

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