Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fairytale Feat. 19: Independency

Tired, tired and tired are just words that I can describe right now. Have been sleeping very little. Tried to sleep early but the moment I lie down on my bed, I start to think of a lot of things. Memories of my younger past starts to ooze in and make me realise that time really flies. How I wish I could enjoy my childhood all over again.
So, I went to my baby cousin's birthday celebration last Sunday. Seeing so many kids running around together makes me reminisce the past where playground games were like Ice and Water, Blind Mice, Catching and etc...
Seeing them smile so happily tells me that they indeed enjoyed their short but fun game. Then my 5 years old cousin came saying hi to me by saying, " Hello, Benjamin Kor Kor!" I am like LOL! I have a new name. Then he say, " Oh! Sorry! There's so many people, I am confused of who is who." Haha. This young lil' cutie pie. You're forgiven! :p
Moving on to the recent Saturday that had just past, I went back to school to have a full eye check by my optometrist friend who was completing the final year project. I also showed my interest in fitting contact lenses as I had never tried before. So after the whole test, it's time to fit the lenses! But, no matter how hard my friend tried, the lenses just won't fit into my eyes cause' my eyes are toooooooo smallll!!!! HAHA
That aside, today I went to Teo Heng to sing karaoke alone after school. ALONE??? YES, ALONE!!! Haha. At first, I don't want to sing so loudly. Though the entire room is mine, but I am afraid that I might disturb my neighbours if I sing too loudly. But, the more I sing, the more louder it gets cause' I got more and more feel already! ARGH! Independency brought me to do things alone without relying much on anyone.
Lastly, I would end my post with an impromptu poem that I thought of, and it goes like this:
Birds flying in the sky, but they might not want to be soaring high.
Humans staying on the ground, but it may seems safe and sound.
But as for me, happy happy is the key! TEEHEE!

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