Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fairytale Feat Zombie Day~~

So, it's been like a week ago since I last updated my blog. I felt like I never really rested well this holiday. It's not a holiday to me since I am busy.
Busy with what? Busy with dance practise since the dance competition is nearing. This would be the fourth competition I had participated. If people were to ask me, would I be nervous to dance in front of such a large crowd? Well, I would say I have gotten used to the feeling and I feel rather great dancing for people cause' when I am dancing, I actually would try to immerse myself into the music. Different music actually portrays different feelings. I actually like to sing too. Even my friends agreed that I sang well. :P I had been wondering whether I should create a YouTube channel. But what if nobody listens to me and what if all are dislike votes? These are some consideration I take into..
Putting that aside, I had family gatherings and religious commitments as well. Yesterday(28/6) marks Kenshu 2014, which is a yearly training course for members of the religion. I picked up a lot of learning points from various speakers, and though at times things could be quite boring too, it's actually worth listening. I even took 8 pages of notes as the speaker speaks. So we were released at 10.30PM to wash up and have supper, and at 1AM, the lights were supposed to be out. Though I lied down on my sleeping bag at 2AM, I still can't get to sleep as the room is filled with chattering noises, which I ended up with only 1 hour of sleep. Felt like a zombie along the way home after that. That aside, I was happy that I was given a meaningful book titled," Value Creation For Global Change". I love to read books but I can't find time to settle myself down and read. Normally, I would only read about one chapter of the book and I would "call it a day" cause' I would find it boring after that. I am still trying hard to work time out to read as reading really could broaden one's knowledge. To side track a bit, I actually bought my mum a $100 blender machine! YAY!! *Claps!!!*
Anyways, TOMMORROW IS SCHOOL REOPEN!!! OMG!!! I hate morning classes but luckily mine starts at 10AM on every Monday, which could give me more time to replenish my zombie sleep later on.
Enjoy the rest of the sunday and brace yourself for the new school term!

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