Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Start of my new fairytale

I know this is like the don't know how many times I am trying to revive my blog. I always find no time to update it or I may even forget about the presence of my blog.
Alright, so the first post that I had revived would talk about exciting happenings of my family. Here we go!
It's a very special day for my family cause' it's my uncle's wedding. So apparently, after the tea serving ceremony, I am asked to dance to entertain the guests due to popular demand. So I danced in front of my relatives and even taught my aunt some basic steps to keep my Ah Ma's smile on her face.
Imagine me driving, what will happened?
So this is my outfit of the night. Dull colour clothes for me is an absolute NO NO!! Which is why I wore different shades of colours on that night.
My Ah Ma is the happiest of all that night. Her smile could emit some radiances of sunshine into the ballroom, which could further add on to the luminous efficacy from the lightbulbs on the ceilings.
In the midst of eating, there is this lil' cutie pie, who like to come to my table and talk to us. Being small and curious, he keep wanting to try on my tie. Which is why there's an adult-sized tie around his neck.
My favourite dish of that night was none other than the dessert--> Mango Pudding with fruits.
Finally, I herby wish my uncle a blissful and happy and everlasting marriage.
To me, everlasting love is very simple. It actually take two hands to clap. Same goes for a happy relationship. Both partners should care for each other. It's alright to bicker in my opinion, cause plain rice aren't that tasty after all. We need to add in some "spices" to spice up our relationship, and that's what makes it fun after all. With that, it sums up my happy Sunday.
Le outing with family featuring my #ootd.
(Top photo is what my mum wants me to pose, and it pretty much looks like a blockhead to me. Bottom photo is what I want to pose, which I love it very much.)
Driving along the way--> But first let us take a selfie. (Ok maybe not just one)
Happy outing at sentosa with my family. Happy moments need to be spent with loved ones. No matter how great your friends are, always know how to prioritized your family first, for without them there won't be you in the world. Pictures speak a thousand words:
My new fairytale shall end here but everyday there would be different fairytale stories being painted. Mine wouldn't be dull and that's for sure. Spend every quality moment wisely.
Oh and to explain what my blog URL means, it includes:
With that, Annyeong! :)

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