Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fairytale Feat. Chapter 3-->All Well End Well

Finally the filming came to an end after two days. It's really not easy being the main character I would say, cause' you have a lot more lines to remember than other supporting roles. Having the fear of a lot of NGs and wasting other people's time, I keep pressing myself to remember the lines by hard, word for word.
However, it's like the more you press yourself, the more you cannot remember well. So I feedback to my producer, telling her that I am afraid that I might forget the lines. I asked her if she could cut the part into two, so I could break awhile after a long line, following another long line afterwards. I am relieved that she cut my lines so that I don't have to remember all of it.
My producer also told me that me(as a first time acting newbie) already did very well with all those changing expressions and voice pitches. Of course, I would be happy about it.
Basically, my given wardrobe today was a black hoodie since I need to portray a dark side of me. The rest was my own clothes. My props was black gloves(to prevent getting my fingerprints on the crime prop) and a knife filled with fake blood. All of these props would bring the mystery to another level, so thumbs up to the scriptwriter a.k.a my producer. Unfortunately, I accidentally cut myself with the knife as I did not realised it was on my hands. I just slide it across without even knowing that I am holding a knife(a real knife for goodness sake!). Fortunately, the wound is not that deep. I guess sacrifizations are inevitable.
Tomorrow would be their editing process, and hopefully I could receive the final video as soon as possible. Sadly, I don't think I would post it on my blog as I respect their privacy and copyright infringements.
So no photo was taken as usual but I am glad that we wrapped up everything successfully.
Last but not least, I would like to offer my appreciation to this person-->Kun Han, for without him, my acting wouldn't be real and convincing. :) Hope you enjoyed the process as much as I do. :p

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