Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fairytale Feat. Chapter 2

Today I want to share about my acting/filming experience. So basically I am helping my SP friend's project work. They basically need to shoot a film for their holiday assignment.
The film title is "Doubt". This is kind of a mysterious ambience, where the killer(Which is me) needs to portray a few characters/mindset. In the day, he is a good student, someone who is very innocent and well-liked among his friends. At night, he portrays a second character. This is where the spilt personality will enter. This is where the doubt arises. What is his real character? Is he a killer? Is he a good boy? Or what?
These are some of he questions audiences will ask. It's actually quite a short film which would last around 5-6 minutes. But, the shooting process is definitely not easy. Of course. in this film, the killer is the main character. The rest are supporting characters. Naturally, I would have more lines to say and more solo/close-up shots to film.
At first, we took 6 NGs to shoot the first scene. I guess it's all our first time to act, which is why we keep laughing and cannot get things right. But as we shoot the second and third scene, our NGs became lesser and eventually a one-take ok was resulted.
So in between scenes, I had close-up of me smirking and back view of my close up shot. It's definitely exciting as I always wished to try out in acting. I wanted to act in different characteristics, namely: Bi-polar, split personality and rebellious kid. I wanted to try out areas where I had never portray at all. I am quite satisfied with my performance today since my solo and close-up shots was completed within one take.
Tomorrow's scene is where they shoot me showing my hidden identity, where they would reveal me as the killer. This is where the mystery shows up. I am also suppose to show that I believe in my own justice, though it may seems that I am wrong. Today was all my innocent and cheerful scenes.
Sadly, I didn't took any pictures with the crew members. But I learnt from my producer that she got the idea from the Death Note, which is also kind of mysterious.
So excited to see our final product and I hope to get a copy of it, so I could keep it as a part of my memory even if my memories fail.

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  1. Don't forget KunHan too! You need him to make your role more psycho HAHAHA!