Thursday, June 19, 2014

Fairytale Feat. Chapter 4--> Paintball=PAIN Ball

So today me and my classmates went to Singapore Discovery Centre to play paintball. Apparently, this is the second time we went there cause' the last time we went, it rained, so our paintball session had to be called off.
Today, we went there with blistering hot sun shinning brightly on us. Hence, the game is on! We were briefed and again I got shocked by the sound of the gun. I am actually a person who is easily shocked. But don't take advantage of it!
After awhile, we went on to start the real game. My team was outnumbered by one member cause' there's not enough people playing. At first, I was really nervous cause' I was afraid of the gun sound. Recalling back to when I was primary 4, my parents brought me to the Police Open House. They had a demo of the situation when there was a real kidnap. They really fired a shot!!! It scared the hell out of me and I cried on the spot. Though now I won't cry but I still will be easily scared.
So back to today, the game started and everybody quickly found a barrier to dodge. First round I was the last man standing for my team but I eventually "died" since we were outnumbered.
Second round soon began, and I did dodged properly. However, I took no notice of people on the second floor and got shot in the leg. It hurt my shin area and got bruised real soon. The scary part is that I got shot in the face at the same time when I got shot at my leg. I am like innocently hiding and the next moment, all you know was that you got 3 consecutive shots on you. Since the face mask have openings for you to breath, the paint sipped through the holes and got into my mouth and I accidentally tasted the paint. It was quite salty :P
When I took off my mask, my bottom right of the face was covered with paint. So third round, I got really tired of hiding and my arms got really aching. So I just rested my arms on the barrier and the next moment, two bullets brushed through my right forearm and later on, a "passageway" was formed. It's like a straight line of marks forming due to the brushing of bullets.
Overall, it was a nice game but the bruise did hurt. Another thing was that I got to see the rough video that the crew had compiled, and I am really satisfied with my expressions and tone pitches. Really proud of myself! I need to thank the crew members for doing a good job and also the director who gave me the chance to act.

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