Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fairytale Feat. Forever SNSD~

Today's post is solely just related to changes in the K-Pop industry. So, people who are not interested in K-Pop, you are excused for this post. But if you are interested to read on, please feel free.
Today, I received a shocking news from the media saying that Jessica is leaving SNSD. I am really taken aback by this. And, I really don't know whose perspective to believe in. The two statements given by Jessica and SM Entertainment really contradict each other. So, it's hard to make a stand. According to SM, they say Jessica personally requested a halt in her promotions with the group after another one more album. On the other hand, Jessica said that she was informed out of nowhere, that she was no longer a member of the group. I mean how is it possible for her to request a halt in her activities when she just renewed her contract with SM not long ago. If she were to do that, wasn't it an immediate breach of contract?
For me, I would actually believe the party that made sense. In this case, I would take Jessica's stand. Being with the group for 7 years really made her forge true friendships with her members, so I really believe that she won't bear to drop out of the group. Being in an idol group for 7 years is really not easy, considering that they have to practise every day, made it harder for them. So, I strongly don't believe that she would do such a thing. And if she really want to drop out of the group, she wouldn't have renewed her contract in the first place. This is like THERE'S A HOLE IN FRONT AND YOU KNOW THAT THERE'S A HOLE IN FRONT AND YOU WANT TO JUMP INTO IT. I am disappointed because I am an ultimate fan of SNSD. I watched them grew in popularity, right from the point when they started off as zero.
I am an absolute supporter of the quote," Jigeum meun, SoNyeoShiDae. Appeurado, SoNyeoShiDae. Yongwonhi, SoNyeoShiDae." This means," Right now, It's SoNyeoShiDae. In the future, It's SoNyeoShiDae. Forever, It's SoNyeoShiDae. "
Being a true Sone, I really would support Jessica's decision. If her decision was to leave the group to fulfil her dream of being a designer, she would have my support. Because it's her life after all, and she have to live it. But if she wishes to continue as a member of SNSD but was forced to leave, then all the more I would stand on her side to wish SM to bring her position back.
I know there's no point crying over spilled milk, but I really hope the rest of the 8 members would breach the contract altogether and then all 9 of them move on to a new company to start fresh as SNSD again.
I suddenly have a thought. This year marks the last year of their 7-year contract and today is the last day of September which is a 9. Could it signifies that this year is the last year where SNSD is a full 9-membered team? Haha please excuse my randomness.
Ending here though~
I will still support SNSD no matter what.
From a sincere Sone~~~

This is their latest song: Divine, which is in Japanese. This is probably their last song together, as a 9-membered group. There might not be Jessica's voice anymore in their future albums. Kinda sad about this though~

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