Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fairytale Feat. Arising Challenges: Struggle without regrets!

It's been quite awhile since I last updated. Really grateful for people who actually spend time to continue following my written pieces. Though it may be boring, but I really thank these people for bearing with me. So thank you to whoever out there, who had been constantly reading my blog and asking why I haven't been posting lately.
Recently, a few challenges had been handed over to me, all at once. Challenges occurs at very weird situations. When you are free, you would be super free. But when you are already very busy, you would have more and more commitments to attend to. However, I would try not to shy away from them and would accept them readily. The only moments that I would reject it, is when I know that my body can't take it anymore. Perhaps, that is why I am falling sick lately.
Just a question I asked myself. How long will your youth last? Once it's gone, it's gone for good and won't be back anymore. We need to cherish our youth period and achieve the most out of the whole period. We need to do this because we do not know what our tomorrow will be. Every one more day that we lived, is another day earned, because this is a gift given to you. So appreciate every brand new day that you wake up to, with a fresh piece of mind, knowing that your loved ones are fine.
Recently, I am growing fonder of going for short getaways, regardless of how long it will take. It is those tourism advertisements that caught my attention. Perhaps I am really busy and tired and hope to go for a short break. But I noticed that when I am busy, I wouldn't overthink too much of things that are actually unnecessary. When I am free, I would get very lonely and bored and I am not that type of person who would go crazy on computer games. I need a fresh life, not a life that revolves only around school and games.
If you ask me where is the place that I would want to visit the most, I would say it's definitely Maldives. I am definitely going there some time. Maybe in the future? I don't know, but I made a promise to myself that I want to go there and I would! I am the type of person who would made my wishes come true. I am loving there because I really love going to the beach. I love the sound of splashing tides and waves but I am really afraid of swimming pools because I was nearly drown to death when I was young. Very ironic, right? But I love the clear sea of Maldives, which I believed, would give me a clear mind when I am there.
Isn't all these beautiful? The life there should be very peaceful and stressless. AHH~~~~ How beautiful would it be, to at least visit this place for at least once in your lifetime. I am definitely saving up for this trip, not only for myself, but also for my parents, for I am really grateful for all those sacrifices they had made for me.
Also, I had received comments with regards to my recent instagram post. I definitely do not feel ashamed over guys doing housework. It's definitely nothing to be ashamed of! I am doing all these small little efforts because I want to lessen my parent's burden. I know I am busy but seriously, how long will mopping the floor take you? I completed within less than half an hour. If I complaining just because mopping the floor is very tough and tedious for me, then what about my mum who had been doing housework for the whole of her entire life? Shouldn't we, as children of our parents, spare a thought for them as well?
Lastly, I finally took on a hip-hop performance challenge offered by my religion, Singapore Soka Association! There is actually an upcoming performance known as the Youth Friendship for Peace(YFP),where our youth segment will perform hip-hop. Youthful is all about showing what you have got and developed through your life so far. So even though I am busy, I really wanted to challenge myself and grow from there even more. That's why I participated in this event. I am also asked if I am interested in doing the special segment. Guess what? It's contemporary dance! Haha. A lot of my comrades encouraged me to take it up cause' the main reason is that I am already a dancer right now. So I decided to further challenge myself aside from the new event that I had participated. But well, I guess my holiday is even more packed with activities aside from my already packed schedule!
Till the next time~~ Tada!

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