Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fairytale Feat. Happiness is simple! :)

This week is rather hectic, but fun, for me. I should just say every week is hectic for me. HAHA! Anyways, I had always been interested in hip-hop and finally I get to pick up some hip-hop skills due to a particular school event that is coming up next month! So SP-ians, be aware of some interesting events coming up in October. I am not suppose to say what it is about, but I am already giving hints, like a mysterious verbal teaser already.
I must say that hip-hop is really fun. Though it is tiring, you would realised that all the hard work are worth it when the audience are amazed by it. So really do look forward to it!
Speaking about hard work, I am really relieved that my hard work had paid off in the area of studies. I am a person who would prioritise my workload and rank the more important ones first. For the whole of 3 weeks, I really focus on study and followed by other stuff if my revision is done. Trust me, it's really very brain-wrecking and takes up a lot of brain space, but you have no choice but to put your heart in it if you want to score well.
I am actually not aware that the results would be released so soon. I just happened to check my e-mails and there is a notification saying that the results are out already. But just before I open it up and check, I actually told myself that no matter how my results were, as long as I tried my very best, I shouldn't have any regrets. The moment I opened it up, I immediately broke down and cried. I suddenly have the kind of feeling that tells me that my sacrifices are actually worth it, and that no matter how much things that had happened during that period, I could still prove myself to be worth the hard work. I cried for like 5-10 minutes because I just couldn't stop crying. :P
I have a friend that asked me," Why is it that you could score so well even when you have so many commitments to attend to, and when you are so busy every week?". With that, I replied with," The key is to prioritise your activities. When you set the determination that you want to do well, all the other distractions should be left out."
Leaving those matters aside, I went to help out at the regular welfare service today. The SP Welfare Club actually visits the elder care centre every Wednesday, except for exam period. People may wonder why I am actually joining so many events when I already have enough commitments to attend to. Well, CCA points aside, I would like to say we should actually help out the society with all that we could. Besides that, spending time with elderlies isn't that boring like what most people would say. Yes, I agree that we will have age gaps and that sometimes we can't understand what they want. But if you would take time and sit down with them to understand what they are going through, you would know why they will react the way they are. Right now, the culture of speaking dialects are rarely seen. Most kids are equipped with English speaking skills and the traditional dialect languages might disappear in the future. Wouldn't life be very dull if people only can speak one or two languages? Since I could speak a few dialect languages, I try to help out the welfare members by communicating with the elderlies with mostly hokkien. I just thought that if nobody speaks to the dialect-speaking elderlies, they would be very left out. I understand the feeling of being left out so I would want to include this bunch of people into the society as well. Maybe because I took care of my late grandfather before, I realised that I could actually empathise them and make effort to help them as well.
Today, I really see a lot of bright smiles illuminating from these elderlies' faces and I really felt that I am very happy today because I can feel that they really enjoyed themselves. If I could enlighten people with just a few hours of my time, I really don't mind because who knows, all these small little efforts might just change a person's life. I am really touched that after communicating with one aunty, she really remembers my words and repeats to me every week I see her around at the elder care centre.
So this is how brightly they smiled! Good nights! :)

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