Monday, October 13, 2014

Fairytale Feat. Deepest Feelings

Ever wonder why my holiday doesn't seemed to be a holiday to me? Well, the word "busy" has occupy a large part of my dictionary. And in 1 or 2 weeks time, school is going to reopen. I pretty much like my last semester's timetable, because there isn't many 8AM classes. I hope my class isn't assigned to the earliest batch of lessons this time round. But I know I can't be selfish, because everyone would be having the same thoughts as me. So whatever the case, I will have to accept.
After coming back from my YFP Training this morning, I really felt tired because it's a Sunday morning and I should have be in bed at that time instead of waking up so early and go for trainings. But I never regretted my choice, for the youth period only come once. If I let my youth days run wild and wasted, then I would have loads and loads of regrets in the future. Like this my Fairytale wouldn't be written perfectly, isn't it?
I am a person who likes to reflect and I would love to keep loads of memories with me. Sad memories from the past should be kept in the deepest locker at the bottomest of my heart. I know there isn't such word as bottomest, but that's how I would describe my feelings. I would like to recall in the future where by I would think, "Ah~~ How beautiful my youth days were...". This is why I am trying hard to get rid of my unhappy memories and trying very hard to live to the fullest that I ever could. Being a youth is also the most crucial point in time, where we shouldn't allow our lives to be stagnant. If we are stagnant, we are more or less dead, aren't we? So in order to live well, we should move on.
However, during my free days(if I have one), I would really love to go to relaxing places. I really love going to the beach!!! I know I have said this for a lot of times. But yes, BEACHHHHH!!!
There are really a few places that I die die want to visit before I die. The first place is definitely MALDIVESSSS!! Omg!! I definitely adore the clear sea over there and I am so gonna go there in the future, but I don't know when...
Next, I really want to have a drink or cake or something else over at those really oldschool café with those retro feel, but it's those kind that is renovated, but the way they design it looks very old school kind of thing. If these cafes offer story books to go with our meals, that would be a perfect setting~~
Sound so Fairytale, huh? If that's the case, I really wish for a happy ending in my own lil' Fairytale land.
The café with a "books" corner :)
That's my kind of retro café that is renovated with air-conditioning. :)
This are my top two wishes for now. Some other wishes are for me to know, and for you guys to find out :p
I also like to browse through my phone gallery over and over again. Though I seen it a lot of times, I would still put myself back into those situations. Just browsed through my Bangkok memories dated back in March, and I still wished to go back again. Speaking about getaways, I AM FINALLY GOING ON A HOLIDAY WITH MY FAMILY THIS COMING DECEMBERRR!! So going to look forward to it!
Simple things like this make me happy and I call it a blessing, for every blessing counts, no matter how small or big it is.
My kind of simple happiness is also to be able to catch sunrise and sunset with my loved ones. Best is to sit under the sky and watch the moon and the stars, and if possible, we can do nothing but just talk our hearts out and chat all the way till the next morning to catch the sunrise.
I would normally tend to anticipate this kind of simple happiness. Like for example, if I planned to visit this particular bubble tea shop in the evening, then I would be happy for the whole afternoon just because of that one cup of bubble tea. Sounds funny? But I really appreciate those little things that others do for me. Ask a few of my close secondary school friends and they will know that I thank them a lot of times even when they just done something small for me.
Well, I guess that's all from me today. I may have a part two of this post coming up, if time permits. Cya!:)

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