Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fairytale Feat. A new chapter begins

Hi to all my VINnylectics out there. Hope you guys are doing great. I had just closed another chapter of my story as we marched towards the 3rd month of 2016. Time really past by very quickly and here I am, waiting for graduation and then enlistment. Recalling the first day of orientation day, I still can remember vividly about the time where I poured dirty water on myself in order for the class to win. Since then, I have been remembered for that. Now that 3 years had past by so fast, I really can't believe that I am actually graduating soon. As I looked back, I must really thank my peers and lecturers who had helped me in one way or another, for without them, I wouldn't achieve my good grades that I had achieved today.
And now, I would want to share a story with you about a young boy who grew stronger in rough environments.
So there once lived a little boy who goes to school in fear day by day. He used to love school and looked forward to it, until there comes a day when he got bullied for no reason. He was only primary 1 that year and he,too, is clueless about why he became a prey of bullies. Even though he did not do anything wrong, people will still push him; step on his newly bought white shoes; pinched and beat him which left him with bruise marks to go home with; asked him for his homework to copy but yet people still claim that he copied theirs instead. There were once when he was nearly pushed down a 2 story flight of stairs. Had it not been a bag that saved him, he could have knocked his head against the metal railings and bled to death. He was too timid to report to the teacher back then, for the fear of another case of bullying could have occurred again. Things didn't stop there. When he was in the toilet, people locked him inside the cubicle and locked the door of the toilet entrance. They even switched off the lights and nobody helped him when he cried for help. This had made him traumatized and had since developed the fear of dark. A few years later, he moved up to Primary 6 and during recess times, he couldn't even sit with his classmates and eat together because apparently some of them claimed that such a long table would be filled up by other classmates and he is not supposed to sit with the class. Of course, he couldn't sit with other class too because he didn't have friends there and sitting at other classes' tables aren't allowed. He had to sometimes consume his food in the toilet, which is very ridiculous, due to crowded canteen and class table. He recalled there was once when he was having lunch alone, a group of his classmates came over and disturbed him. One of them even poured hot soup on his crouch area and then laughed at him. He also remembered that during Physical Education lessons, he wouldn't be allowed to participate as the class would claimed that the groups are fully formed and he can't join in. Even if he could join in when people are absent, some of the classmates would also purposely tripped him over or used some balls to purposely kicked him. He was apparently living his primary school life in misery.
He thought it was finally an escape route for him during secondary school era. It was not until when things were repeated again. People snatched his spectacles; kicked his chair when he was paying attention to the lesson; hide his pencil case and then later hide his bag(which was like what the hell??!!). He didn't have confidence to stand in front of his classmates to make presentations because he was afraid at being laughed at, which made him stuttered often and people would end up laughing at him.
It was not until when he had enough of crying and tired of all these bullying, that made him felt like standing up for himself and protect himself against all these nonsense.

And here he is, standing proudly today and looking back and thinking that if it wasn't for all these people who bullied him, he wouldn't be strong enough to stand until today. With that, I think I should thank all these people instead. And yes, that little boy is me!
School life was indeed very rough for me ever since I was young and I wouldn't have one day that I could study in peace. But I would now like to proudly say that I DID IT!!!
I am also grateful for my friends who helped me and speak up for me when I was helpless. I am truly grateful for all of your help.
Sometimes, when I am really tired and sad about things I will still miss my late grandfather, who had passed away 4 years ago. Even though it's been awhile since his passing, I would still miss him and would tear up a little after recalling what he had told me. I recalled him telling me not to be afraid when I encounter tough times, cause' things will be alright soon. He even told me that I made him proud with all my achievements. However, one of my regrets is that I didn't pursue my life as a dancer when he was still around. He would be glad to see me conquer all those glamorous stages and he would be sure to support me whenever he could. Even though he isn't physically around, but whenever I am having any competitions or performances, I would tell myself to put in my utmost effort, so that he could watch it where ever he is.
Hope to be back with more excitements! Until then, annyeong!

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