Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fairytale Feat. The beginning of a new phase in life

Dear VINnylectics, it's been a long time ever since my blog was last updated. Being busy has been my usual schedule and I always believe it's good to be busy because it means you are living and that life is not stagnated. Been extremely busy having catch-up sessions with a few bunch of friends and also my dance crew productions. 

However, health wasn't on my side as I am someone who is prone to be sick easily. Sickness has been a come and go thing ever since I was young. Just like yesterday and today, I am having fever just the day before my enlistment. Still anticipating a change in my immune system and I believe Elusyf would help me in it, just that I need to give it some time to manage and control my immune system. I always believe that my life had started changing ever since I met this particular person and I never had an ounce of regretness in me that I started picking up this product. Even though I don't see much immediate results now, I believe it would after some time. 

Suddenly, I have a feeling that I am going into jail as I am enlisting tomorrow. A lot of my schedules would be affected because there are alot of restraints that I would bound to be experiencing. I am already missing my parents now, even though I am still at home. Homesickness is definitely something that would hit me real hard because I am a family-oriented person. There are alot of sacrifices I had made for my family and my family, too, had made alot more sacrifices for me. With that, I am deeply appreciative of their unconditional love that they had given me. These are what made me homesick and I would definitely miss home during this confinement period. 

Come to think of it, a lot of my surroundings are luxurious items given to me. Some of them includes a comfortable bed and air-conditioner to sleep in at night, heater to bathe, umbrella and shades to shelter you regardless of rain or shine. Luxury doesn't need to be something branded or something to flaunt to other people. It is simply something given to you that you should be appreciative of. 

It's quite emotional for me everytime I am leaving my family because they are people I have lived with for the past 21 years, even though I had thoughts of leaving house before. I felt really sorry for any wrong doings that I may have committed in the past and I would be someone who is even better than the past. 

Signing off now, VINnylectics. Shall update my blog the next time I have time. 

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  1. Alvin! goodluck and ur profile still 20 years old wor HAHA!