Friday, September 4, 2015

Fairytale Feat. Catching up with life's pace

Hi VINnylectics, it's been quite a while since I last updated this blog. Sorry for having a dead blog but I will try my best to continue this blog. So, 6 months quickly blinked by and it's now September already. I had also ended my internship and finally regained my life as a student.
I remembered being really excited about internship that I nearly had insomnia. I anticipated a lot of things. I thought to myself and worried if my colleagues would like me or not. I also worried if I could get used to working in an office environment. Actually, I had always wanted to work in offices as I had always wanted my very own workdesk.
However, expectation vs reality is very different. I do not have my own workdesk. I was used as a cheap labour and was being ordered around by different people. I told myself that I should bear with all these if I want to maintain good rapport with my colleagues.
Other than that, since I am working in an international company with 90% of caucasians, I expect the office environment to be very friendly and everyone can put up warm smiles when I greet them. The truth turns out to be very unexpected. People looked away or gave me a silent response when I greet them. Politics everywhere in the company was also present. The boss don't like interns, but expect interns to put up a good show in front of everyone. Caucasians were also very fussy when it comes to decision making.
All these made me realise a lot. Being a working adult, you need to sacrifice a whole lot of your time. Let's take a normal day as an example. A working adult wakes up for work and prepares for work. He reaches office at 9am and works to 6pm. He then went home for dinner. Let's say take a break, bath and watch some tv programs. After that, he goes to sleep. This daily routine repeats for 5 days a week.
So, after all these, I still realise that I want to be a student as our timetable are more flexible. Sometimes we can be a lil bit rebellious to ourselves by taking a short nap during lessons :P. But while working, you can't do that because your work performance might be at stake. After lessons, we still can go out for shopping sessions with friends and even catch up during meals. That's why I feel very confined during the 6 months of internship. I am not someone who likes to wander around and party all night long. But at the minimum, at least let me have some break and not feel like a jail server who counts down to how many days until he can finally be free.
Now that I have finally finish with my internship, I can finally treat myself to longer hours of sleep each day. I also can continue my daily mission with my personal schedules such as my religious activities and also outings with family and friends. I am also preparing for my year end dance concert held at Hwa Chong Institution. That's when I can finally showcase my very own choreographed hip-hop dance.
On top of that, the one that excites me the most is my upcoming debut activities with my kpop crew members. I had always wanted to find a dance crew that can sing and dance and looks like I finally found one that was actually in front of me all along. One year ago, I actually brushed through this group of people in my school. One year later, 2 of the members(who are my friends) approached me to join them in their activities. I am glad I am now able to join them in their activities together.
So everyone, please keep a lookout for CUBIX!! We are now preparing for our future stages and I will debut with them as CUBIX's Jae!
Really hope to be able to bring more excitement for everyone out there. And with that, I shall end my post up till here. I shall be back with more updates soon! Annyeong!

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