Monday, January 12, 2015

My Fairytale Feat. Memories Of 2014~~

Hello to my fellow VINnylectics once again. Sorry for the disappearance act and that I couldn't update my blog. My schedules are very packed and I have had no time to update. Will keep updating this blog whenever I have the time.
Pardon me for bidding goodbye to 2014 after a long time. So, it's finally 2015. In this year, I welcome different challenges in my life and I promised to challenge them with all my might. I will step out of my comfort zone even further. Recalling back to 2014, I realised that I have completed quite a number of things and have grown further as a person. I am sorry that I am not someone who is very interesting and that if I ever came across to you as a person who is being very irritating, I'm truly sorry.
Life is full of ups and downs and this is surely inevitable. When you try to shy away from something, it will still appear no matter what. I don't know why I am typing all this right now but I really want to express myself.
Also, in 2014, I have realised that I am always living my life in accordance to how other people want me to. Everyone is so busy following social norms and that they no longer live their own creative life. I made a promise to myself that I should live my own life and stay true to myself. I want to create my own Fairytale that would only be directed by me and I am the author of this book titled "Alvin's Life Encounters"! Everyone is actually unique in their own way and we should not forget this little note to ourselves, which is to "live life without regrets".
Speaking about 2015, I have my bucket list that I want to achieve. Firstly, I want to grow further more as an individual and I want to contribute to the society in every way I could. I am currently a dance participant for the upcoming SEA Games 2015 which is occurring on the 5th of June. I am also planning to join my own religious dance group, famously known as SYDC. It specialises in hip-hop dances and I am ready to go for their audition. A lot of people who know me well should know about my packed schedules. So why am I still keeping myself so busy? Well, I believe that as youths, we should go all out and contribute in a lot of different areas. Time passes at an instant and it cannot be chased back anymore. I want to leave behind a remarkable history for myself as a youth and when I still could actively wander around.
Sometimes I will be very tired and I would wonder why are humans always so busy in life? It took me awhile to realise that it is actually a blessing to be able to be kept busy. This means that we are still healthy and would still be able to handle the stress we are constantly having. I would complain about being busy and that I would have no space to breath. But after awhile, I will pick myself up and stand up on my feet again.
I am trying very hard to change myself and I believe I would be able to do so! Please give me more time and patience. I really want to change myself for the better and I don't want to get affected by those that don't matter. There's a saying that goes " Those that matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter".
Let's all strive to have a better tomorrow and have a better 2015 ahead. Cheers!

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