Monday, August 11, 2014

Fairytale Feat. Simplicity is Flexibility

Simplicity have always been what I had been looking for. I want to live a life peacefully. Simplicity can be as simple as strolling along the park and enjoy the sea breeze flowing through your soul, bringing all your troubles away. Simplicity can also be as simple as having a picnic along the beach, with the sunny Mr. Sunshine greeting you. When the night comes, you can do nothing but just sit quietly on the beach, hearing the splashing sound of the waves and enjoying the view of the quiet sky filled with stars and the moon. If you have the energy, you may just stay through the night and wait till sunrise. How beautiful can that be?
However, stress from this globalised world can be very breath-taking. Sometimes, I just wished I could leave everything aside and go for a short vacation-a short yet fulfilling one. One that would allow myself to leave off my stress, cause' I just felt that everything is moving too fast. It's just like yesterday that 2013 had just past and we were all anticipating 2014. Look at now! It's already August of 2014! 8 months had just past by at the blink of an eye! How scary can that be.
Speaking about August, it is my beloved Papa's birthday! He is 53 years old this year. How time flies~~
It just feels like it was yesterday that he just became a father. But look at now, his kids had turned into young adults. Sometimes, I would felt blessed to have such great family members. I had totally no regrets to had been born into this loving family. Though sometimes we would quarrel, I believed that we love each other deeply. We went to have dinner at Long Beach Restaurant at Kallang area. After that, we went to stroll along Kallang and we went to Sports Hub. Strolling along anywhere with them just made me feel very secured.
But, I still kept the secret from my dad. He still doesn't know that I had bought him a cake. It was when we reached home that I disclosed it to him. He was shocked that I would actually buy him a cake.
Though it feels like a kid, I told him it's alright cause' as long as you liked it, anything is worth the buy. I knew he liked to watch soccer, so I decided to break the childish trend and buy him this cute cake.
I took some couple shots for my parents and it looks like this:
The first is normal shot. But as for the second one, I told my parents to kiss. :P HAHA!! And my father's reaction was like MEH! So old already still kiss for what. That's when I told him that even though they are old, they still need to show the love for each other and that's how love should be managed.
So here is a family photos of us:
While singing the birthday song, I felt something was amiss. His facial expression changed. I knew he would tear. He was probably touched as I had never bought him a cake.
So apparently, he was cutting the cake while holding onto a piece of tissue. :P
We shouldn't have the thought that there is no need to dote on them anymore since they are so old already. It's because they are old already that we need to dote on them even more. Treasure them for everything they had done for you. All those selfless sacrifices they had made for your well-being should all be appreciated. It's not their job to feed you. It's all simply because of one word, and that is care. All they did is care. Hence, we need to treasure them.
And lastly, I would like to share this song with all my readers.
It is a K-Pop song. I really love K-Pop, especially songs that can describe emotions. The song is titled "Common Words". So common words to me could be words like "I love you", "I miss you"...... But do people really mean it when they say? Or do they say it out of randomness? Well, at least I would mean it if I say.....

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